Friday, May 19, 2006

I will stay the course I have set for America.

hi... peopl keep askin me about the polls... and why they are so low. well... people is unsetled be cause of the war... war is real sower... and be causue it is a time of war it just makes thhe peopole unsettled... cant do any thing about that it is just the way it is with the war times.

and so it doesnt have any thing to do with me... i am doin a real good job... i extendidd my tax cuts and the stock markit is doin reael good... but no won wants to talk about that... they want to talk abaout the war... and all that war talk... it is makin the peopl sowr wen... wen they shold be thankin me real good.

and we are not gonna fail... in the war be cause we are gonna stay in their until we win... and we aint won it yet but the progres is gettin real good. evrey day it gets beter over their.

bye for now

Monday, May 15, 2006

I have a plan to stop illegal immigration.

hi... you no it is part of my job to talk to world leaders... an i like talkin to world leaders... it is an importent job be cause there contry is always smaller and not as good as america... and they want to kno my opinyins so they can be like us.

an i just had a real nice talk with the president of mexico... fox i call him bean buddy... he was callin me be cause i have a real good plann to mass thousans of troops on the mexico border... and they aint there to hunt grownhogs... so fox was real upset about it.

so i said dont you worry bean buddy mexeco is still a reall good amigo of the u s but we dont want any more smelly beaaners imigrashins over on this side of the boarder. and the troops is to keep them out wich is my job. an he sed some thinn in spanish and hung up.

see i am real good at diplomisy. bye for now.

You must remember the lessons of September 11.

hi... you no it is my job to tell people what i thinnk and what is on my mind... and this is were i tell pepol o nthe internents wat is on my mind ritee now.

and rite now that is the elecshins. be cause we have got to keep our majority and we have a plan to do it. and it is a real good plan.

see we still have a favorible poles on terrorism... be case there have not bin any big ataks in the states since 9 11. but peopl are forgettin to be afraid of the terorism.

so we are gonna order every tv network to run the 9 11 pictures from now until the elecshin... 24 7... and then right be fore the elecshin i will jump out an comfert every one... and i will get the poles up aagainn.

bye for now

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I am the decider.

hi... you no i am hearin lots of peopl who are tryin to make me channge my deshishins.. like with the war and torchure cells and spyin... and secresy a nd bribes annd stuff like that.

well i am the desider arounn here... i dont no if you notised but after 9 11 i seezed absolute power... and i dint have to ask anyone if it was ok i just seezed it... be cause of the emergincy.

and i am gonna keep my power... so i had to distroy any rivals who mite have power too... like the cia... and the congres and the media.. and the cort juges and the u n... and the sientists. and they all take orders from me now.

and you have to go a long with it be cause i am doin it to keep america safe... so you cant critisize... ha ha it shur is fun bein the desider...

bye for now

p s you cant impeech me be cause there is a war goin on... an any way i wold just take that power too... to keep america safe from the war. bye

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I think my brother Jeb would make a great president.

hi... you no i have bin thinkin a lot about my legisy... and i no that the legisy i am gonna have is a world that is free and dont have any tirany... so they wont make terorists to come over here and hurt america.

and so i am gonna have a real nise presidenshil libary with places were people can set a spell and talk about freedom and stuff.

but who am i gonna leave the presidensy too... i never did sire a man child... and i would leave to jenna or the other one but... a girl can not be president... it is in the constitushin.

so who am i gonna leave it too... i think my brother jeb wold make a real good presidennt... even tho he is not real smart like me... and if he does not want it there is my brother neel... or the brother we kep locked up in the atick... yea they are all good and they will be my legisy of real good leadership for america.

bye for now.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I am not worried about the polls.

hi... you no my aids was readin the news to me today... and it says that my polls are the worst ever... well... i say that is old news... be cause they have bin sayin that for weeks and weeks now... how many time are they gonna tell that same news...

and i dont care be cause the hole contry is gonna rally around dear leader wen we start the regime change in iran... and some people are real worried that we are gonna use nucular wepins on them... well... i was talkin about it with karl... and he says the name is real scary to peopl... so we are not calin them nucular wepins any more... they are called freedom givers... and we are gonna make the iraniens so free that they glow... and then they are gonna change there regeem and people are gonna for get all about iraq be cause iran is gonna be a real good sucess for my administrashin... and the bush doctrin wich is that the peopl are gonna rally aroun there dear leader in war time.

bye fo now

Friday, May 05, 2006

I have the solution to the gas crisis.

hi... in bin hearin that there is a lot of people in the white house rite now... that are real woried about t he polss... be cause the polls has been bad f or a wile now... and karl was sayin that... he was shure... we have the time to turn it around be fore the elecshins...

but the big thing is the gas... peopl are real mad about gas goin up... and they think it is my job to give them gas...

so we were havin a big meetitn... and i said hey... why dont we just go over to the arabs and steel all their gas... they dont have armies and stuff to pertect them selves with... and we have got a real good army... so wy dont we just go over and take all the gas...

and every one smiled and said that was a real good idea... you see i have real good thots once in a wile.....

bye for now

Thursday, May 04, 2006

There is no need to hold anyone accountable for Iraq.

hi... you kno i have been havin a lot of iritations lately... and one thing is that some people want me to start holdin some account ibility for iraq... and they want me to get rid of don rums feld... and dick cheney too..

well... i am not gonna do that... i do not do what peopl tell me to do i am the desider around here... and were is it gonna end huh... if we are havin acount iblity were is it gonna end.

any way there dont need to be any acount iblity for iraq be cause i believe it is all gonna turn out real good... you see i make desishins based on my beliefs... and i belive in the all mighty... and he is gonna make a miracle that turns iraq into a real pease full democrasy... and i will take credit for it. so we dont need any account ibility in my administrashin.

bye for now

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I believe the national anthem should only be sung in English.

hi... you no i hered somethin the other day that made me real mad... some people are turnin the nashinal anthem into spanish. and i disagree with that. english is the languige of our contry and... i think it shold only be sung in inglish... if the immigrints want to sing the nashinal anthim then god dam it they shuld lern them some inglish... my base unnerstands that real good.

now some peopl are sain that we had this spanish singer at my inogerashin that was singin it in spanish... well... i rememmer that day real good... and wen he started singing it i got real mad and i knoked him over and i said hey you greasy immigrint you better lern some inglish real fast...

my dauter jenna tole me a joke... what is the same with immigrints and cue balls... the harder you hit em the more inglish you get out of em... ha ha that is a real funny joke... and if we have to hit the imigrints to get em stop singin the nashinal song then dammit we will. and that is my domestic polisy.

bye for now.