Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We will win the elections.

hi... you no i sure do like my job as presidint... it is my job to keep america safe... by tellin peopl what i think and not lettin any body say no... they have to do it... be cuase that is the sistim we have here in america... and it is a real good sistem.

there are some peopl... who want to influinse my desishins... an i think it is real cute wen they do that... but it is not cute if they are dis loyil and are tryin to get out of folowin my orders... be cause that is not good for america.

now we have got a eleshin comin up in... two or three months... an i am lookin forward to it... be cause i do eleshins real good. an i diserve to be elected agin be cause i do a real good job at keepin america safe... an i dont let any body say no to my desishins wich is waat a real strong leader like me does.

and i promiss the american peoiple... that if they elect me agin... i will find out who started that war in iraq... i am pretty shure it was bill clintin... but wen i get re electid i will have more time to find the mistery out... an i am gonna call the mistery machine... scooby scooby doo were are you ha ha i shure love that show...

any way you better suport my elecshins or may be i will quit keepin america safe so much... an the terorists will get you. an i am just gonna laff be cause you did not suport me hard enouf. so you bettr get out their and vote the strait repblicin tickit or i will inflict you real bad.

bye for now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Leader

I thought you wanted to run the baseball commission when you got done winnin' the war on terror and fixing the economy.

Please don't run again, because baseball needs your super leadership skills. Remember, girls like guys with skills.

1:45 AM  

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