Friday, October 20, 2006

My strategy is to win.

hi... you no one thing about bein presidint is that a lot of peopl want to meet with me... and i like meetin with them be cause it is a real great onor to meet me and... i like that.

so today i was playin my video game wen rummy and a couple of genrals wanted to meet with me... and i sed ok genrals hows it hangin... and they saed we had to talk about iraq... and i like talkin about it be cause it shows how i am a real good war leader...

so the genral saed remmemmer wen we were talkin about bag dad... and how we have gotta take the city... and i dint rememmer but anyway... he saed that we failed to take it... an that the operashin has hit the wall... an that the citys were we pull the troops from for the bag dad operashin are startin to fall to the insergincy... and we need more troops... but we dont have any moer so he is recomendin that we start pullin out... be cause there is no point any more.

an i sed wat about the iraqi army we are standin up... and the other genril that was there sed that it is gonna take twenny years or more to stand it up and there is no way it is gonna work... that we have got to get out...

so i tole them not to worry... be cause makin freedom is real hard... an some times wars are gonna go on for... like two or three years... so we have just gotta have the pashinse and we will win be cause that is my stratigy for iraq... and i am determind to see it thru even if i am the only won who thinks we are winnin... and rummy started cryin...

it is my legisy to the american peopl that there is not gonna be any tirany any more... an we are gonna win...

bye for now

p s there is some people that is worried about the elecshins... but i am not woried be cause we are gonna win them too... and any way i took all the power away from congriess any way so who cares about the elecshins...


Anonymous Joe Blow said...

I heard that Barney was strapping on a little doggy explosive look out!

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, ur gots a rail gut statertgy about winninnn beka

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Leader!

So good to hear from you again. I was beginning to get worried. I thought maybe Condi and Dick weren't letting you out any more.

I am glad that we will have Victory in Iraq. When you declare Victory!, will you have a nifty catch phrase like Nixon? His was "Peace with Honor". It's a little bland, but the "honor" thing lends it just the right military flair. Perhaps you could use "Freedom from Terror" but that's a little too negative. "Peace, Freedom and Prosperity!" would be a good slogan. Everyone loves freedom. Prosperity will remind people that Iraq is an nation rich in oil. The peace part might be a bit problematic. Perhaps we should leave that out. So "Freedom and Prosperity!"? What do you think - is that a keeper?

Thank you so much. And keep on deciding for us all! We don't get news anymore, just propaganda, so it's hard to tell what it real.

Thanks again,

12:59 PM  

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