Tuesday, September 05, 2006

America is safer, but not yet safe.

hi... you no lately i have been meetin with a lot of yur o peans... heh heh... i remmemmer this one time i was getting briefed by my aids to meet with some yur o peans.... an i said condi say yur a pean... and she said yur a pean... an i said i no thats why my boots is so wet... heh heh yeah i love that joke.

that remines me of the time i had to take a test... you no my family is real importent in the contry... my dad was presidint and stuff... but not every famliy memmer is ready for public servise... so they make us take a test to see if we are ready for it... if you dont pass the test then you have to work in the famly businiss... and the test is that they give you a boot full of pee and you have to get it out... an i passed the test but it was real hard it took me two tries... the first time i just put the boot on and walked aroun... and let the pee come out the top... an it worked ok but it got my socks wet... an my dad was there an he said try it again son... and he made this hand moshin like he was turnin a boot over... be cause the trick is you gotta turn the boot over and all the pee pores out the top of it... so i got it on the second try... an i was real glad because that way i could be presidint...

an it is real fun bein presidint... it is a real big onner for peopl to meet me that have to be real respecful and stuff... and they say a presidint is suppose to talk real sofisticated... but i do wat i want... i like to play tricks and jokes on the peopl who i meet...

like wen i meet some new aids... i always get off a big fart... and they have to smell it be cause i am presidint... heh heh... this one time wen i was meetin the presidint of japan... mr hoochie koochie... i was meetin him and he went to shake my hand... and wen he shook it i got off a real big fart... heh heh you sholda seen his face... and he had to smell it because i am the leader of the world... heh heh is sure is fun bein the presidint.

bye for now

ps dont worry about the elecshins we are gonna scare every one real good with the terrorism... an they will vote for us be cause they are so scared... and we will have our power for a bunch more years... bye


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