Thursday, June 29, 2006

I honor the sacrifices of our young men and women overseas.

hi... you no i had a real good day yestiday... most of my days are good but yestiday was real good... it was gettin near my morning exsherise break and... they sed i was gonna be joggin with a soljier... that was fitin for freedim in iraq... and that he was a real speshil soljier and i wasnt suppose to stare or anything just be real respectful...

and i went out to the jogin track i have... and there was this soljier there with hooks for legs...

so i tole him his new name was sargint gimpy... and i sed hey sargint gimpy lets see if you can keep up with me... and i lapped him twice... those army guys think they are so touf but they are not too touf as Me... and so it was a real good day.

bye for now.


Anonymous Joe Blow said...

I'm glad the guy is alive and all but that that.. that's creepy.

Why can't he wear sweatpants? People wear sweatpants instead of shorts for jogging....

what's the matter? He' not sweating? Or it wouldn't be such a good photo?

1:14 PM  

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