Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am visiting our European allies.

hi... you no i am over here in yurip rite now... talkin to people about freedom and stuff... and the need to fite terror after 9 11.

but it is real agravatin to come over hear... and be asked qweshtins by a bunch of yuro faggit reporters... that dont no how to ask real good qweshtins like a am erican reporters do... about how my faith keeps me strong wich makes me a real good leader for america.

they were askin me about gwan tommino and i sead... look... it is all full of real bad killers... an i would close it down but i am waitin for the cort judges to tell me... i cant do any thing without the cort judge.

an they was askin a bunch about why the world is seein us as the big thret in the world... and that got me real mad... we are not thretinin any one we are spreadin freedom... and spreadin freedom is real hard work... and it is hard be cause of the insergints that is killin innosints be cause they hate freedom so much. an that is how we are winnin the war on terrar.

any way these yuros better git the picshure real quick be cause it is makin me mad when they qweshtin my decisins.

bye from yurip


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