Friday, May 05, 2006

I have the solution to the gas crisis.

hi... in bin hearin that there is a lot of people in the white house rite now... that are real woried about t he polss... be cause the polls has been bad f or a wile now... and karl was sayin that... he was shure... we have the time to turn it around be fore the elecshins...

but the big thing is the gas... peopl are real mad about gas goin up... and they think it is my job to give them gas...

so we were havin a big meetitn... and i said hey... why dont we just go over to the arabs and steel all their gas... they dont have armies and stuff to pertect them selves with... and we have got a real good army... so wy dont we just go over and take all the gas...

and every one smiled and said that was a real good idea... you see i have real good thots once in a wile.....

bye for now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Leader:

Prolly the best way to fix this is just like how you did when you said "yer workin hard to put food on your family."

Just remind people that their working hard to put gas on they're familys (or their SUV's).

Then the people will be happy and stuff and forget about the war and how daddy lost hi's job when hi's plant closed and went to India.


P'S: Could you rite more about your daughter's? They are hott!!1

k thank'

4:45 PM  
Blogger Frederick said...

That's a great pic

10:05 PM  

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