Friday, April 07, 2006

My Health Savings Accounts are the medicine America needs.

hi... you no i have bin goin around the contry havin conversashinis about my plan for helth savins acouonts and it is my main domestic prioority rite now so i bet you are all talkin about it and want to no more... and why it is a real good idea.

well... you see the helth problem that we have in this contry is... that people are gettin too much helth care... for stuff they dont really need and it is gettin to be real expensive for the system.

so my plan is you pay for yoor own dam helth care with your own dam money... and that way you will quit buyin too much. so if the doctor says you need an operashin... like if you have canser or somethin and it will cost 50 thousin dollers to fix... an you dont have the money you can say no way docter i will just have the canser. so you see it is a real good plan.

bye for now

ps this thing about the leak is some bull shit... we had to stop that god dam traiter wilson from attackin our war support.. and i tole dick cheney he can do what ever he wants to dis credit wilson... and that is all what is the god dam big deal. bye


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

That's the way it should be, dear Leader. If you can't afford the operation you should just die like God obviously intended. Only rich people can afford to live anyway. And they have to live a long time so they can spend all that money. Then when they run out of money they should die, just like the poor people.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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