Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I will not lose Iraq.

hi... you no a lot of peopel are askin me lately... when are the troops gonna come home from iraq... well... like i said it is up to the commandners on the ground over there... i talked to em last week and they sed it was goin real good... and they have a nick name for me... commander numnuts... wich is what they call a guy in the milliarty who does a real good job.

any way i am not gonna pull the troops out until we win... that way we dont lose on my wach... if some one wants ta pull teh troops out when we are losin it is gonna hafe to be some fushure president... be cause i sure as shit am not gonna do it...

so if we win i am the grate victery commander... and if we lose it is gonna be on some other guys watch... so i win ether way ha ha see i am real smart.

bye for now.

p.s. if you are readin this jeb, dont run for president


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