Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Iraq is not in a civil war.

hi... you no a lot of peopl are sayin that iraq is in a sivil war... well it is not... you sivil war peopl... you are readin the news too much... all they talk about is atiy hedless bodys found in the river... and stuff like that.

what you got in iraq is two sides fitin each other... the suiside bomers versis the death squads... now a lot of people are wonderen... what side are we on.... well... it aint the suiside bomers so it must be the other one. be cause they love fredom more... than the suiside bomers do.

and so we are hopin that the deth squads beete the suiside bomers before we have to pull out... and that is victery and i will not settle for any thin less than total victery... be cause i am a winner and i will lead america too victery.

bye for now