Tuesday, February 14, 2006

We are a nation at war.

hi... now some of you mite have heard that my vice president... dick... shot a man in the face with a shot gun... and when he got back to washingtin he cam in to essplain it... but i stopped him.

be cause owr nnation is at war... an that means me and dick can do whatever we want and we dont even have to essplain it.

now some peopl... are livin in a pre 9 11 world where the vice president cant shoot a man in the face with a shot gun... well... america is under attack. and that means there is not gonna be any essplinations or investigashins...

bye for now and keep yer head down


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Keep yer pecker in yer pants, Dear Leader. If Dick shoots you in the face it probably wouldn't hurt anything. That's why I'm thinkin' he might be aimin' a little lower when it comes to you. He likes shootin' weak, wingless things.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chances are, he really DID think he was shooting at a Dam(n) Quayle.


1:43 AM  

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