Saturday, January 28, 2006

I am prepared to take military action against Iran.

hi... you no there is peopl in the world that hates us for no reason.. and a lot of them are in the middl east...

now there is one of em called iran that is gonna get the atom bomm... and i have bin havin meetins with my aids and stuff to deside what to do about it. and i sed i want the rejeem change for iran... be cause it worked so good in iraq then i want to do it agin this time in iran.. and we will give em a real good rejime that will not want to have the atim bomm.

and i figger it is gonna take... like fifty guys in a pick up trucks.... and they will invade iran and the peopl will be so happy to be liberaded that they will let us do the rejime change... yeah fifty guyys is about rite.

now my generils are tellin me that they dont have fifty guys or a pick up truck to spare cause they need em all in iraq... an they sade if we atack iran then all the shites in iraq will rebel aginst us... and i tole them god dam it thay have to do it any way... and i am the commander so thay have to follow my orderes... so ther is anuther rejime change that i can take credit for.

bye for now


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Hey, boss. I can git ya 50 guys and a pickup truck easy. I can git ya 12 guys and a fish house too. You just gotta send me a few cases of beer.

3:22 PM  
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