Monday, January 09, 2006

I want a dignified confirmation process.

hi... you no ther is the confrmashin process goin on for the cort judge... and it is sam allito.

but he was not my first choise wich was my lawyer hariet miers... i piked her but then she said she did not wanna be a cort judge no more... so she coud stay in the wite house with me and watch me make real good desishins for america.

so then they brot in sam allito and said he was the new cort judge... and i did not no him he is not in my loyalty net work... he is this greasy wop lookin guy and i said hey greesy we used to make guys like you mop floors at yale... and he just smiled.

so he is a real smart gy who is gonna give a lot of class to the suprem cort. and he agres with my executive powers... wen he gets on the cort i am gonna start usin my powers more... espeshily against congres they are gettin real uppity. and some of them need to no there place wich is to take orders from there commander.

bye for now... o and p s i did not now jack abramoss or tom de lay i never met them and if i did i did not like to meet with them. so dont go lookin for any connecshins with me and them. bye for now.


Blogger cb said...

Dear leader,

Is this the same Judge Ito that did the OJ trile?


3:30 AM  
Anonymous Noble 1 said...

Dear Leader,

Was Mrs. Sc-Alito crying because she missed her KKK meeting. That must have been very troubling indeed.

3:36 AM  
Blogger ollie said...

Honorable Sir, the Right Honorable Mr. Sam Alito probably really appreciates your efforts.

I can't say for sure because I am not one of the chosen ones like the two of you are.

6:05 AM  

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