Wednesday, November 23, 2005

America has much to be thankful for.

hi... well you all no that it is thanks givin time and it is time for america to be given thanks for all the things that it has to be thank full for... and one of them is god givin me to be the dear leader of america.

be cause i have had a lot of acomplishmints in the... three or four years i have been president. and they are

  • i redused the tax burdin on the americins that create jobs and stuff an you can just see the results
  • i made militery servise a lot more exsitin than it was before
  • the hole world respeks us now be cause they no we are not afraid to use awr pawr
  • america has a real strong executive now be cause of all the extra powers i granted myself after 9 11
  • i spread freedom and demo crasy all aroun the world so now it is safe for freedom and democrasy like america is.

and that is a lot. so every american shuld go down on there nees and praze baby jesus for makin me president... bye for now.

ps they are sayin i gotta shake up my administrashin if i want to save my presidensy... and i aint sayin i am gonna do it... be cause if i ask dick cheny who shuld be my vice presidnet he is just gonna pick himself again... and my loyalty network is already in all the high govermint jobs and stuff so were is my new aids gonna come from... so if any one wants to be my vise president let me no... bye and have a real good thanks givin


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

you know i never criticize you, Dear Leader, but that dick cheney is really scary lookin'. i think you should appoint the baby jesus vice president. sure, maybe he's chubby, but he's still cuter'n dick. and then when you kill yerself baby jesus can be president.

12:32 PM  
Blogger boudica of suburbia said...

I h'gree Dear Leader... the donkey, whos name goes by Dobbin, wot carried baby cheesus inside of his mummy's tummy can replace thut Rice woman.... He has?

piece and love this thanksgiving


10:38 PM  
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