Saturday, November 05, 2005

I did not mislead America into war.

hi... you no there is a lot of talk now about the inteligense we used to get public opinyin and congress behind the war... the iraq war not the other one. and i just wanna set the record strait. be cause peopl are forgetin that saddam was a gatherin threat... and i will not sit around while gatherin threats gather to threatin america... i will take bold action to stop it.

now saddam was workin on real terrifien wepins... like these drones that he culd use to spread the bio warefare germs all over america. and here is a picsher of one

now if you are not terified yet... i got more. be cause they had to have facteries to make the germs in. and they make them in these mobil labs:

exsept then we lerned that they are not labs they are trucks to make hydrogin... the company that makes them said so. but we still had dick cheney out there talkin about the labs just to be on the safe side... be cause can you trust that one company to tell you the truth.

and we thot sadam had a nuculer program too be cause he was tryin to get uraneoum from africa and we had the papers to prove it.. ex cept the papers turned out to be forged but it was not our falt we did not do the forjeries and they were so good they foolled us.

and the tubes ther were these aluminim tubes that coulda been used in a bomb... now the buro crats were tellin us there was no wayh those tubes could be used for nucular but how could we be sher of that... we had to assume there was nucular intenshins espeshilly with the uraneoum dealy.

and we relied on a bunch of sorses that turned out to be lien to us... and some times they were nown liers be fore we started relien on them... and one of em amed chalaby is a iran agent...

but how culd we be sure t hey were lian... we had to assume it was all true... so america will be safe wich it is now... be cause we were not afraid to fight for americas freedom like some people. bye for now.


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Please, Der Leader, no more scary picshers! I'm havin' the nightmares! Boy, it's good you wuz there to find all that stuff that didn't exists. It's good to have someone as vigilante as you in charge.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Russy said...

I'm real glad I gots someones lick u to tink fors me Mr. PRezident. I'fn I didn't, I be real skared.

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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