Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I am on top of the Plame thing now.

hi... you no every one is gettin all nervice about the cia lady thing... well i am not nervise but i did have to yell at some people.... this was in 03 when it started to come out that there was gonna be a investigashin... and i was talkin to karl rove... i call him turd blossom...

any way we had desided to go after that wilson guy who was underminin the case for goin to war... and it was comin out about the cia lady and i had a talk with my staff....

now karl has bin with me a long time and he is like a four star general in my loyalty network... and i no the rule is that no one in my net work ever makes a mistake but that rule is mainly for my protek shin and i dont follow rules if i dont want to any way.

so i said to karl i said wat the hell are you doin makin the phone calls your self... you shuld have leaked it in a way it could not be traced back to you are you an idiet or somethin... and he said it was under a confideshiality and i said i dont care... and i was real mad...

but you no this is nothin to worry about... the prosecuter is just a civil servent lawyer... makes may be aity thousand a year... and a inditement is just a piece of paper he files with a cort judge... i dont care about that i am the president and that gives me powers i aint even used yet... no body is gonna resine or go to jail over this little thing you have dear leaders promise for that. we no how to deal with prosecuters who dont follow orders... and dis loyal people too.

bye for now and follow your dear leaders orders real good.


Blogger Blogenfreude said...

It's only fair - in our Cheney-induced glee, we linked to the Dear Leader's post about how he's on top of the Plame thingy.

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Best regards from NY! »

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