Sunday, October 02, 2005

America enjoys the protection of the Almighty.

hi again... you no it is sunday again... the lords day so it is time for another thought about baby jesus agin...

america is a real special contry in the world be cause it is the only one speshilly protected by god almitey himself... if you are readin this then you no that baby jesus chose me to be president... i am a godly man with baby jesus in side my hart... and america will enjoy gods protecshin as long as i am president... wich is why things have gone so good for america since i have been president. but if you thro me out then god will no longer protect america and he will inflict you.

and i have been thinkin about that a lot lately be cause ther are a lot of investigashins and stuff happenin around washingin and the people might be gettin ideas about throwin me out... like with the cia lady i told the prosecuter that i didnt remember anything. but that damm colin powel was on air force one with me when we were discussin what to do about wilson... dam why did i ever hire that guy... he is not part of my loyalty network so why did i hire him. i dont remember i might have been drinkin the brake fluid then things are real hazy... but if he tolld the prosecuter about the wilson conversashins then i will inflict him good...

well any way the point is that if i get throne out then america will not have gods protectshin any more and they will be real sorry they threw me out... bye for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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