Sunday, September 18, 2005

I have a plan to rebuild New Orleans.

hi i am back from my vacation agin... you know disasters work out real good for us be cause after a disaster america looks to me for leader ship... be cause i am the only dear leader america has... so even if i created the diaster my self they still have to submit to my leader ship... and that is our system and it is a real good system.

now wen there is a disaster we always use it to seeze more power and stuff for us... and i have my best guy on that karl rove... after the dis aster he called me from his hospitle bed... be cause he is havin surgery on his pee pee... and the first thing he said is he said we cant let all them refugees get the residensy in texas they have to vote in looisiana or else all the calculashuns are throne off... and i said karl you are a real smart guy i am puttin you in charge of the hole re construshun.

and we are workin on all kinds of plans like cuttin more taxes and stuff. and the refugees arent gonna be allowed to sue anyone. and they will to go privit christine schools and stuff. and we have lots of other good ideas too...

bye for now.


Blogger Trucker Bob said...

One question about the surgery on Karl's "pee-pee". Is it exploratory? Wait, with Jimmy/Jeff being a "top" it won't matter if they don't find one.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Jed said...

Welcome back Dear Leader! Don't worry, you didn't miss much... your mom said something, that horsey guy you liked so much left, and some black people are sorta angry. But who cares about them anyway, right? haha! black people. Anyway, glad you're back on top of things... keep up the good work!

5:29 PM  
Blogger greeseyparrot said...

Boy Im so happy when isaw you did this. ive got freinds who are usualy very nic and its true like they say it that are smarterer than i am: butt thats not allthe time!!! what I get mad is when they act there smarter than yuo or as smart!!! well there not precident are they?!?? now I can show them this and theyw'll no better!! hahahaha

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Noble1 said...

Dear Leader, your idea to promote home ownership for those who can't afford a motor vehicle (you know…in order to "rebuild New Orleans ‘higher’") is simply brilliant.

This genius reminds me of the time the good people from Enron, such as ‘ole Huston Texan Jeff Skilling, traveled West to California in order to spread the good news about how re-regulating the electricity market (the Enron way) would save taxpayers billions—even be more environmentally friendly.

Anyway...I think it would be effective to promote this initiative in those early morning pyramid scheme infomercials or 'Pay Day Cash Loan' commercials.

I always smile when I think of the compassionate words of Noble Jeff Skilling:

"What's the difference between the Titanic and the state of California?

The Titanic’s lights were on when it was going down."


8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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