Saturday, August 27, 2005

Loyalty is important to me.

hi... you know loyalty is a real important value to me... i have a whole bunch of people who are real loyal to me and i call it my loyalty network... and it is real good to be in my network you get high goverment jobs and stuff.

and we have some rules in my loyalty network and they are

1. no one opposes my will
2. no one ever makes a mistake speshally me
3. its someone elses fault
4. we have to stick together

and if you wanna see the loyalty network in action... after 9 11 i promoted condi and blamed the cia for everything... guess who was not in my loyalty network ha ha

if you wanna high govermnit job you have to be in my loyalty network... not like that colon powell i dont no why i made him secritary of state when he was not in my network look how that turned out... he tried to talk me outta invadin iraq so he broke rule nummer 1 just imagine if that had worked. so i replaced him with a real loyal lady. and everythin has been fine since then.

bye for now and stay loyal to your dear leader.


Blogger Trucker Bob said...

I think it's grate y'all got yer secritearial concurbine. Sheese more gooder than Colon.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Dear Leader,

You know I totally support you but it's getting harder every day to stay in the network. Just today in a cafe a guy started going off about you. He called you an 'evil cocksuckin' bitch' right to a lady's face. Luckily I was a few booths down so I didn't get any spit on me. I'm just sayng that lots of people are turning on you. But I'm not. With so many people leaving the netowrk it should be easier for me to get one of those high paying government jobs.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Don Elkins said...

Wow, wish I knew somebody who could do dear leader's voice...I'd record this and play it on my radio show...funny stuff...

9:31 PM  

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