Thursday, August 11, 2005

We have turned the corner in Iraq.

hi... well today was my big meetin with my forrin policy advisers.... liek i said even tho i am on vacation i still have to go to a bunch of dam borrin meetins... ex sept i do not mind the forrin meetins so much be cause theres less numbers and stuff and more of me bein resoloot and bold.

and we were talkin about iraq... and the good news is as long as everything goes good from here on out we can start brining the troops home 12 months from now...

first the iraqis have gotta agree on a constitution... they have not yet but there is still four more days left... and we have told them they gotta do it.

and then there is a refferindum in october where the free iraqis people have to vote for their new constitution and we are gonna tell em to vote yes.

and then there is another vote in december for the new govermint under the new constitution.

and after that we can declare victory and bring the troops home as long as the inserigents dont get too bad and the new iraqi forces we are trainin get real good. and that will be next year just in time for the congress electins here in america.

and if something goes rong in all that well god gerrinteed me success in iraq and it is damn time he started deliverin, so nothin is gonna go rong and i will be rememmered as the liberater of iraq and the hole middle east too.

bye for now from craw ford.


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