Saturday, July 16, 2005

I stand behind Karl Rove 100%.

hi again... well i have been gettin a lot of questions about Karl Rove and i want to set the record straight. i stand behind him 100 per sent. i know what happened i was there. and i can tell you we are not violatin the laws.

we had decided very early on that takein over iraq would be one our top forrin policy priorities. i have a lot of advisors who think it was a mistake to have left saddam in power after gulf war one, and look at all the trouble he has cost us since then.

we knew he was very week after years of sanctions. we figured we could take over the country with basicly no casualties like gulf war one. and we figured the iraqis would be so gratefl we got rid of saddam they would turn the whole contry over to us... and we would have secure oil, we would have a big friendly base in the mid east, and other good benefits like all the mid east turning democratic and that would be a big problem solved by me. so i would be the best presidnt in history i would be like fdr

i was convinsed but we could not go to war without public opinion on our side. it was all kiond of on the back burner for a while.

then we started gettin reports that a big terorrist attack was coming soon. we figured it would be like maybe the first wtc bomb or maybe okla. city. and some of my advisors thought when the attack came it would give us public support for the iraq plan. any way we did not do much about terrorism.

well any way when the attack came we were all shocked it was so big. but we sure did have our excuse to attack iraq. i wanted to get saddam rite away but there was more support for goin after bin laden so we invaded afganistan

and after afganistan, where we beat the taliban faster than anyone thoght we would we were feelin pretty good and we figure this is our chance to change history. but first we had to get public support.

we all put our heads together and we formed what we called the Whitehouse I\raq Group i called it the wig. and those are some of the members up there in the picture.

we had our wig meetings and we figured if people were werried saddam was beind 9 11 and was going to attack us again with wmd then the public would support the war. so that was gonna be the story. and we all went out to push the story.

and we also went to the intelligence agencies to see what the threat was from saddam and it was not real good, we had no new info since 91, there was really nothing there. so we had to use the info we had to make the war case.

and we had to make it look like saddam had a nuke program that was the big thing. because without that we did not get the public support. so when those forgd documents about niger came out it was a chance. be cause why else would saddam be gettin uraneoum he is making a bomb.

well cheny wanted better info on this he said may be there is a smoking gun it would help the case imensely. so the cia sent wilson on his trip. now they new better than to send up his report to us be cause we were only innerested in the stuff that suported the policy, if it did not suport the policy then just shit can it.

so i said in the state of teh union that saddam was getting uraneoum from africa.

and then that wilson asshole goes out and rites in the paper about his visit. and that is makin us look like we dont know what we are talkin about. its endangerin the war policy.

so the wig got together and we said we have to take care of this guy wilson. what do we have on him. and this memo came up from the state dept about wilsons trip and how his wife worked for the cia and helped set up his trip. so karl said this is good it sounds like he is a dummy who got the job be cause he knew some body and a pussy too.

so karl said lets all go out and every chance we get tell reporters that wilsons wife works for the cia and set up his trip so dont listen to that pussy. and that is what they did.

but we did not know she was covert we swear. it just said imployee in the report. it was just a onest mistake and that is gods honest truth i swear on a stack of bibles. so you can see we have not comitted any crimes.

bye for now....

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Anonymous Noble1 said...

Wilson is an Evil One chosen and sent by Satan to try to bring down Dear Leader and Archangel Rove.

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