Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We are making real good progress.

note by grytpype: Dear Leader's birthday thought apparently went through a wormhole or something on its way to publication, since it is dated in the future.

Dated: July 6, 2008

hi... if you are readin this on the internets it is a sign of all the progress we have been making over the last few months... the emergency powers proclamation is doin it's job and we are making more progress now... most of the country has electricity and kolera is down 25%.

now i have been urging congress to ratify the new constitutional amendments.... china says they are givin us another 30 days to come up with the money which is real nice of them... but if we do not seceede oregon to china there is no way we will come up with the money... so congres better get back to washingtn dc that is and get this thing ratified... i am ordering the airport reopened so the congressmn can get back and vote.

and it will be good to give ore. to china so we wont have to change the flag since we added iraq as the 51 state. if we get rid of a state real fast we will still have fifty and everybody likes the flag the way it is. and things are goin real good over there in iraq too, we are beatin the insurgency.

and i have a real good plan to fix the unemployment too and china is helpin me with that. and i will do an emergency proclamation on that real soon, and everyone is gonna need steel toed boots and two pairs of real good work overals, so get down to your walmart and get them, cause you will need em.

anyway today is my birthday so i am doublin the gas ration for all people whose birthday is today. and you will need i d so bring it to the station.

oh and the election is cancelled be cause of the emergincy.

bye for now,


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