Friday, May 20, 2005

It is real hard work being president.

It sure is real hard work bein the president, i am working harder than i ever did when i was in the oil biz or being governer of Texas. Here is a sample of my busy day:

7:00 wake up
8:15 wake up again, drink breakfast
9:50 wake up again, morning exercise
11:00 read sports page
12:30 boring meetings and stuff
2:00 afternoon recreation
4:30 phone calls from scared forrin leaders
6:00 video game time
7:30 get ready to write daily thought (whisky)
8:45 wake up again, write daily thought
9:00 bed

so you can see why i need all my vacations... and if someone brings me something to read when i am on vacation it is just not going to get read dammit i am on vacation... like that pdb about bin laden, my staff should know it aint gonna get red until i resume my busy work schedule.

Bye for now,


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