Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I sure am mad about the Newsweek article.

I sure am mad about the newsweek story... about gitmo...

when andy came into tell me about it i almost dropped my drink... i said i hope the gitmo guys used that koran real well before they flushed it and andy said sir you dont understand the moslems are going ape shit over this... shit they are more religious than we are how do you figure that...

You better just print what we tell you... right now we are telling you to print that we never did stick a koran in the toilet and you better print it if you know what is good for you... we don't like you magazines recking america's good name.

my twin daughter jenna told me a joke about the koran... what is the same between the koran and the starship enterprise... they both fly around yer anus to wipe out the kling ons... i do not get the joke.. but if i do not bear a man-child I am going to leave the presidency to Jenna... she can hold her licker like her old man.

Bye for now, and be real nice to the next koran you see bye


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