Monday, May 16, 2005

Condi made a secret visit to Iraq.

Bein the president i get to have some real smart people working for me, one of them is condi rice. I like condi, she reads to me, and she is one of the real real smart people who told me i had to invade iraq as soon as i got the chance after i seezed power.

Anyway Condi was just over in iraq to check out all the progress we are making over there, it was a secret visit.

you know we really like making secret visits to iraq like i did with that turkee.

because with the secret visits we are showing the terrorrists we can slip in and out of iraq without getting blowen up or head cut off which will destroy their morale and they will crumble and join the new elected goverment.

That is the new plan now that plus making everything the iraqis fault, because they did not fix their country fast enough after we liberatd it. they have to take responsibility we cant be expected to maintain security and reconstruct the country just because we invaded it, anyway that was a long time ago.

so just remember none of this is my fault bye for now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome. Grytpype, your last name is Thynne. This and "We are experiencing real good progress in Iraq" are amazing.

1:50 AM  

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