Thursday, May 05, 2005

I had a nice talk with the President of Italy.

I been traveling all around this great country talking to Americans about social security and stuff, but sometimes as President i have to talk to foreign leaders. Which is what i did the other day with the Italian president, Silvio.

and what he wanted to talk about was that Italian lady who got shot in iraq. And I said she didnt even die, and that shows you how we are making real good progress over there.

so we had this investigation, and we found out they shot her while they wre making America free and safe. but then the italians wanted this other investigation. And he said the report of the investigation is coming out and he made sure theres nothing in there that would harm relations with the US and he said he was real loyal to Me.

The Italians, they're scared of us, see, they don't want to make us mad. And that is what my strong and determined leadership is doing to make America free from Italian invasion. We have to keep everybody scared to attack us, see? That way we'll be safe for our children. and I will keep America safe.


Anonymous chautauqua said...

Every time I look at this photo, I think "We're doomed".

2:02 AM  

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