Tuesday, May 03, 2005

social security is in a crisis

i been spending a lot of time talking to folks about social security... being the president I get to learn lots of things and what I have learned about social security is it is bankrupt people...

I went to go look at the trust fund in west virginia.... they said there was over a trillion dollars in there, almost two trillon... and i said is this place like a baseball stadium full of money and they said no... and they showed me this here filing cabinet, theres a picture of it.

You see those pieces of paper? The ones that say 'full faith and credit' on 'em?

Well, we ain't gonna pay 'em. We just ain't gonna.

You see the trust fund lent the goverment the trilion dollars, and you see we done spent the money you lent to us, and now we don't have it to give it back to you, see? So we ain't gonna pay 'em.

so we have to do something to save social security... Now what my plan is... it's a proposal not a plan... is you can keep your tax money so you can invest it in nice save Treasury bonds... backed by the full faith and credit of the government... and i am th leader of the government so you know it is a good bet


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