Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday is the Lord's Day.

This being Sunday my thought for the day is about God and baby Jesus.

I remember when Baby Jesus came into my heart... it was right before my 40th birthday and I had been on a bender for a couple weeks... they say I'm not supposed to talk about it but before Baby Jesus came into my heart i was drunk just about all the time... and i did enough coke to run the Winter olympics on...

Anyway Baby Jesus came into my heart and the next thing I knew he was calling me to be president of his country America. To call me to lead the world into his Kingdom on earth.

And I know I am a powerful force for Baby Jesus on earth... they tell me when i won the re-election about 200 million people jumped up and yelled "jesus christ"... i have that effect on people, they fear god when they see Me.

And if you are wondering i do sometimes have a drink now and then, usually right before i post my daily thought because it is real hard typing when i have the shakes real bad.


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