Friday, May 06, 2005

I will keep America safe and free.

I think our troops are doing a real good job keeping america safe and free in Iraq. But that does not stop some prancin frenchies from trying to make a partisan issue out of iraq.

Like I just got this letter from some congressmen wanting to know about the meeting i had with the top spy of england. And i remember that meeing real well and it was all about keeping america safe.

this was in the summer of 2002 we were getting ready to take saddam out. And I had that meeting with the top England spy and I said do youhave a licence to kill and we all laughed. and then I said I have a license to kill saddam and they all stopped laughing. and i said this is going to happen so all you english better put down your tea cups and pick up your guns because you are goin in with me. no matter what we are taking saddam out is what i said.

and the english guys asked what about the aftermath of the invasino and i said there's going to be no casualties and we will be greeting with flowers, and the whole thing will be over in six weeks so dont worry about it.

and the english spy guy said whats the legal basis and i laughed and said i don't know i better call my lawyers and then i threw him out.

and that is all there is to it.

Because I will never hesitate to take bold decisive action to keep america free and safe. We have never been freer or safer than we are righ tnow. and the whole world hates us because we are so good and so free that is why we need loyal allies like england.


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Hey Leader,


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Blogger oldwhitelady said...

Of course, it's all about keeping America safe. Why don't people realize that? Everything is geared toward keeping America safe. All the money spent is to keep America safe. If Halliburton didn't make any money, it would be ok, because it's all about keeping America safe.

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