Thursday, May 12, 2005

Social Security must be reformed for our seniors.

I sure am glad to be back to america so i can continue this conversation i am having on Social security.

And the fact is the program is bankrupt in 2042. You see if we do nothing by then there will have to be a benefit cut by 20 or 30 persent. So my plan is to cut benefits by 20 or 30 persent. Can't you see it's the only way people.

And we have all these worthless ious in the trust fund, 2 trillion dollars of worthless treasury securities in a file cabinet. Well in my plan you can use your tax money to buy your own treasury securities. Just don't put them in a file cabinet, i think it is the file cabinet that is the problem, use a box.

And I just want to make clear I am ready to accept your unconditional surrender to this proposal. Because one thing i think you need to understand is this is going to happen and i mean this year. And the quicker you get used to the idea the quicker we can move onto other real important things.


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