Sunday, May 22, 2005

I believe God created everything.

it is sunday again so my thought is about god.

Everything is caused by God. But most of the stuff God causes makes him mad. So he makes other stuff happen to fix the stuff that makes him mad. And that is why he made me president.

Now when i say god I mean the Hebrew war god Yahweh. Those moslems, they are real religious too but they believe in the wrong damn god, they believe in Allah. They should worship Yahweh like I do, then God would not be so mad at them.

Now we worship Jesus too, Jesus is the son of Yahweh, and he is god too. Except we only have one god. I dont understand it i just believe it. And you better belive it too or you will wind up like the muslims.

bye for now


Anonymous Bob Bobton said...

Dear Mr. Preznit Dear Leeder Geroge W Bush,

Many smarty-pands Democrat libarals think thay are so samrt and that this si a joke. But I Knoo yuo are for real. I will love you foever and evr and I knoo youu ar the bestest preznit ever. Thanks you fur being my preznit.

4:37 PM  

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