Thursday, August 04, 2005

I work hard to save America's freedom.

hi... well it is finaly time for my well erned vacation... they are tellin me i am settin records with all the vacation i take well that is good be cause i erned it by bein the greatest president ever... i work hard and i play hard...

it is real hard making all the rite desisions all the time... and any thing that went wrong is somebody elses falt not mine. like with the wmd that was the cias fault. and sadams, he was actin like he had wmd. and when we pull out of iraq next spring it will be the iraqis fault if things go bad be cause they dont want to stand up for there own fredom.

but i will not be thinkin about that stuff be cause i am on vacation now and i dont want to be bothred with that stuff. so no more memos about bin laden about to attack the us save it for when i get back which i think is in sept... but i might not come back until oct since i am doin such a good job i deserv the extra vacation.

i will still be postin my daily thought wile i am on vacation be cause it helps me relacks afer a long hard day of bein president. and i know all you who believe in Me will be real sad if you do not here from your Dear Leader for too long. bye for now.


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