Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I will never give up fighting the Global War on Terror.

hi... you know i am real mad about this changing the global war on terror to the strugle against vilent exterminaters or what ever... this was not my idea i can tell you that.

this came from karen huge... she is this man lookin lady who is my communicatins directer... and she is real smart but she does not have what I call Dear Leader Thought... she says if this is a war then people want to know when the war is gonna be won... fdr beat japan in the time we have already taken and we still have not won the war yet... and we are fitin a few thousan towel heds not a industrial armed nation like japan was... and we are givin up on fitin in iraq next year... so when are we gonna win.

well she does not have the Dear Leader Thot. be cause war is what this is. we wer attaked on 911 and i have to be the war presidnet... what is a strugle president there is no such thing. and war is good for the republican party every one nows a democrat can not win a war. this is a fite not a struggle.

so for get the gsave thing from now on it is the Freedome Fite Always Against Real Rotten Terorists... and let the FFAARRT rain across the land. bye for now.


Anonymous Noble1 said...

Evil libruls and Dumbocrats need to be lined up and shot for treason!!!!

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are lying. You were lying then and you're lying now

9:24 AM  
Anonymous ron said...

it was easier to beat the japs and the nazis because the librul media was quiet because they liked that commie fdr. today they have it in for you, the military, and america. first w, you have to defeat the media then you can defeat the muslimoids.

3:54 PM  

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