Monday, August 01, 2005

I will have America's troops home by Spring 2006.

hi... i have been havin meetings with my advisers about iraq... and we all agree we gotta wrap it up real soon.

we figgered it would all be over in three months tops... and that is why we did it. be cause it would be a real easy job and then we would have a frendly contry in the mid east with bases and oil and stuff. and that was a no brainer.

but now hey look it just did not go the way we thot. so we have to rap it up before the 06 elections, and it did not take karl rove to tell me that i new that my own self.

so there is gonna be a new govermint bein elected in iraq in december and then we are done we will pull out after that no matter what. and evry one will forget about iraq in time for the 06 electons and we will say we won.

and a bunch of libruls like jain fonda will say look at iraq how can you say we won and we will laff and have victry parades and say she is a librul who hates freedome. we went into iraq to give them a new govermint and they have one so that means we won the war. and that is that no one will care what is happenin over there aftr we bring our troops back. and that will be the end of iraq and it will be victory for me.

you see i always win no matter what. bye for now.