Monday, August 08, 2005

I sure am enjoying my vacation.

hi... you know this is a time of great sacrifice for all americans in the war on terrorsm... and no one has sacrifised more than Me.... i cant hardly get a round of golf in between all the work i do fitin terrorsm... so that is why i erned my vacation real good and i am en joyin it and gettin some golf rounds in.

now there is this lady out here who says her son was killed over in iraq... fitin for freedom... well i dont know if she is tellin the trooth... but she wants to meet with me to tell me to bring the troops home.

well there is not gonna be a meetin.. two things first is i do not meet with anyone who does not support Me... ever... so i am not gonna meet with this lady...

second thing is she is gonna get her wish any way.... be cause we are gonna start pullin out next year... we are gonna declare fictory and start pullin out the troops no matter what... we got electins next year and we have gotta declare victory before the elections. so lady go home.

bye for now from craw ford.


Blogger delilahboyd said...

Mr. pResident,

Please explain how, today, a woman with a candle and a photo of her dead son is not a threat to national security, but she will become a threat to national security on Thursday.

Is there some kind of light switch deal labeled "National Security Threat" that you flip on and off whenever you feel like it? I'm sure I'm not the only concerned citizen confused by this situation.

Now, I know that you really want to be outside in the blistering Texas heat clearing brush and all, but damn, George W.!

Is a woman with a candle (five miles away) really that scary to you?

Respectfully submitted,

Delilah Boyd
(Native Texan
and pissed off blogger)

4:34 PM  
Anonymous grytpype said...

Ms. Boyd, I am sorry but Dear Leader does not respond to comments. It is hard enough getting him sobered up enough to write his Daily Thought.

4:41 PM  
Blogger sukabi said...

Glad you said that about gettin' him sober, because that photo looks like he's in the middle of a looooooooooog bender.

6:58 PM  

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