Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I will create jobs for ordinary Americans.

hi... you know today i had to have a meetin with my economic advisers... even when i am on va cashin i have to have these god dam borin meetins...

you rememmer how i sined the Victory Tax Cuts to stop the terrirssts, that all income over 200,000 a year is free from taxation from now on.

Well today i am gonna announce a bold and resoloot new program to create jobs for americans... it is called the americajobs program. and what it is, we are gonna give money away to all americans who have more than ten million dollers... and we will match your money so if you have ten million we give you ten million and if you have ten billion we give you ten billion... and that will encourage people to be rich and create jobs for americans. but if you do not have ten million dollars then this will not affect you so dont follow this too close.

and i cant wait to get back to my vacation. my golf game is gettin real good.

bye for now.


Anonymous ron said...

w, i no you dont have time to respond, but i was wonderin if your golf swing improves your brush clearin swing and vice versus and do you have a titanium brush clearin device with a grafite shaft?

12:41 PM  
Blogger sukabi said...

W uses a flesh shaft, just ask Gannon.

6:59 PM  

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