Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I am a bold and resolute leader.

hi from craw ford... you know i am a real bold and resoloot leader... it is somethin i learned from my businss days..

i was a real bold ceo i was a risk taker... in the oil business... i was not afrade to take big risks i like to make big bets... except you see i am real smart i never bet my own money... i bet other peples money.... so if the bet payd off i look like a genyus and if it does not pay off well then shit i just walkd away.... i did that plenny of times..... i dont think any of my big bets payd off but that did not stop me from bein real bold the next time with someone elses money.....

and now that i am dear leader and comander in chief i have a hole countrys worth of money and solders and stuff to bet with.... and i have been a real bold and resoloot president too... and i am prayin to baby jesus that my bets are gonna pay off and i will be haled as the gratest president ever.... that is how dear leader operates.

bye for now.