Sunday, August 21, 2005

My faith is important to me.

hi... since its sunday its time for me to talk about baby jesus again...

baby jesus is a god that lives in my heart and talks through my gut....

and he tells me to do stuff like invade countries and stuff and he has promissed to smite my enimies... and he has asurred me of victory over all my enemies. and i hear him real lowd when i have my whisky... i will win soles for baby jesus all over the world with the power he has given me.

and that is how i got elected all the real americans heard the baby jesus calling to them out of my gut and they just love baby jesus... and he has promised me a thousand years of powwer. and he blesses evry thing i do... all the other gods are false gods.

and that is good for america to have a god-man leading them. i shure am glad i let baby jesus in to my heart. bye for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear mr. preznit,

Pleeze tell us you dont really like them catholics. i know you need there votes and all, but they are realy evel. yor blgo is an inspration to me, every day i come here to here your word, wich is god's word.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Once again, Dear Leader, you have educated me. I did not know that the Baby Jesus lived in your gut. It must be awful uncomfortable down there for Him, especially when you eat jalapenos, or 'gut bombs'. Heh-heh. Please tap on your belly and tell the Baby Jesus 'hi' for me, wouldja?

6:30 AM  

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