Thursday, August 18, 2005

I enjoy being President.

Hi from cra ford again... you know it is real hard work bein president but i en joy it. i have my own planes and helicopters and stuff, and lots of servents and aids it is like bein a king but like karl tole me i have more power than any king ever had. and no one ever goes against My Will.

and my servents and stuff are around 24 hours all the time even when i go to take a dump there are like six people who go in with me... two secret servise guys and the guy with the nucular go codes and a couple of guys i dont even no what they do... and they have to stand there while i take a dump... and it is chilli night in crawford tonite... ha ha it is real fun bein president.

bye for now


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Dear Poop-So-Sweet,

You don't mind if I use your Native American name, do you?

How's little Turd Blossom?

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy shitting schedule to keep in touch with us, the little people.

Long ago, when I was growing up in a good Evangelical Christian household, my mother would read to us every morning from "Little Visits With God". I miss those little visits, but not so much now that you are providing us with your Daily Thought. They are just as good. In fact I think they are even better.

Thanks again, and now I will let you get back to your pooping.

2:57 AM  
Anonymous guile said...

lol.. this site is hilarious..

5:20 AM  
Blogger The Big Hit said...

dear mr. president. do you read these comments, too?

3:26 AM  
Anonymous grytpype said...

We don't let Dear Leader read the comments, since they may not be properly respectful.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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