Tuesday, September 27, 2005

There is a lot of good news coming out of Iraq.

hi... you kno i never read the news papers or watch the news on tv... and that is because that is all just a filter... i get my news right from the people who kno stuf... my staff. and they tell me the stuff i need to kno to make the dicisions i make as president.

now lately i have been hearin a lot of good news about iraq... i bet if you read the news papers and stuff you think things are out of control over there... well that is be cuase they filter out all the good news. and my staff say thay make an extra effert to get me the good news...

liek tuesday... they caght this suiside car bommer drivin aroun in the green zone. and they caght him be fore he set off his bomm. see our alert personnel over there in the green zone were able to catch on to the bomber after he had been drivin around awhile... so the bomb dint go off. and that is proof we are winin. see that is the good news you never here from the eleet media. bye for now.


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Dear Leader,

Did that bomb that was drivin' around in yer head ever go off? I heard it did, but I see you still have your head. But then someone told me you have five or six spare heads somewhere in the Wide House. Is that troo? And Pee Ass: I think you should start drinkin' more. U.S. Grant was a real good drinker. I guess it was the only way he could survive the last three years cuz of the corruption in his rain. So go ahead and have a few for me too, OK? Thanks...and say hello to the Baby Jesus for me too.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Noble1 said...

Dear Leader, you should parade the streets of Baghdad and let the 'Iraqi People' throw flowers at you and kiss your divine feet—in humble thanks for nobly bringing 'em 'Freedom'. It would be a great photo op., and a great way to counter the evil lies of the Satan worshiping, biased, latte drinking, elitist, librull media.

12:38 AM  

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