Monday, September 26, 2005

I have the greatest Administration ever assembled.

hi... you know we are workin real hard to contain the damage from the hurricain... i had to go to a bunch of borin breafings and stuff on the new hurrican and it was even the week end... and i even had to get rid of browny my fema guy it was real embarrasin to me to have to do that.

see the way we staff the govermint jobs is with my loyalty network... ther are people i trust to submit to my Will.. and then ther are the peopl that they trust and so on down the line.

and the loyalty is real importent be cause i am the only one who can run the country and keep it safe. be cause almitey god has chosen me as the leader. so i dont want the people in my administrashin freelancin and stuff, they gotta follow orders from Me.

and i dont like people tellin me i am rong it is real distractin... and it is hard for me to make real crisp decishins when ther is someone in the room lookin at me like i got six heads... like i am crazy or somthin... my administrashin people have got to no their place... which is to take orders.

now some people are sayhin that my loyality network is full of incompitent people that should not be allowed to run anythin... well that is ok because they dont have to be compitent because they all take their orders direct from Me, and i never make a mistake... be cause baby jesus talks out of my gut which is never rong, i make all my decishins from my gut. and they are never ever rong.

bye for now and stay loyal to your Dear Leader.


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