Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricanes are dangerous.

Hi... you know with all the hurricains goin around it is real important to know about them... so i have been readin a book about hurricans. so i can be in charge the next time it happins.

did you no that they have winds over a hunnert miles an hour. and they can smash buldins and stuff. the middle of the hurricain is the eye there are no winds in the eye but they come back around on the other side.

and one thing the book did not say is why baby jesus made hurricains if they are so dangeros. and i asked dick why and he didnt here me be cause he was tappin on his pace maker tryin to get it to work.

an i have the wether chanel on all the time now not espn so we will not get surprised again like we did the last time. and if i see a hurricain i am gonna call the wether lady and tell her.

anyway hurricains are real dangeros so if you see one comin you shuld get out of the way. bye for now.


Anonymous Noble1 said...

Dear Leader, you need to declare a 'War on Hurricanes' just like your War on:
Social Security, affirmative action, taxes on the wealthy, abortion, Joe Wilson, Librulls, Dumbocrats, trial lawyers, sex, science, and homos.


2:24 PM  
Blogger Trucker Bob said...

noble 1 is right! Get ya a big ol' bull-horn, stand on a very small pile of rubble, after it's been cleaned up for you, look towards the sky and holler BRING IT ON BIG FELLA!

4:21 PM  
Blogger Yankabroad said...

I thought hurricanes was a drink ya bought in N'Orleans?

I remember suckin' on one while sittin' on Trent Lott's front porch.

Now them was the days.

10:55 AM  

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