Thursday, November 03, 2005

I will clean house in the White House.

hi... you no it is time for a big shake up in the white house... be cause there are lots of rumers goin around about my aids... about karl rove and dick cheny too... and ther is a lot of wisperin goin on there is a wisperin campain... and i am gona clean house...

i am gonna find all the staffers that have bin wisperin... and when i cach them i will inflict them good... i am puttin peopl under servailanse and i will catch them be cause they are breakin the nummer one rule around the white house... wich is no one goes against my will... they are wors than terrorriss thay are tryin to weakin my resolve and stuff. and i do not tollerate disloyalty... so i will get them and karl is helpin me with it. and then every one will lern the lessin that no one opposes my will in the wite house... bye for now.