Friday, November 04, 2005

I am having a very nice visit to South America.

hi... you no wen they said i was goin to south america i said i was al ready there for the hurracains... but they said no it is even more south than that.... it is like another contry. and it was a real long plain ride to get down here.

but i am in join my visit i am real popular down here... there are thousans and thousans of people in the streets wavin picturs of me and liten fires so peopl can see the picturs better...

and that pictur up there is me with the president of chilli... i told him i love chilli but i did not no it had its own president... and he looked kinda confused and asked a guy somethin in spanish and they both laffed... so i am makin all kinds a frends down here for america.

now south america is were veniswala is... my aids says we gotta liberate veniswaila.. and you no i am always ready to spred freedom and dem o crasy everwere i go so i am gonna get on that veneswala thing and liberate em real good...

bye for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear leader, are you feelin ok? you are soundin more and more like that guy who wrot about that mouse Al-anon. Mabe it's just the jetlag, tho. Venzuwela is pretty far. Have a good trip and watch out for th chili.

4:22 PM  

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