Saturday, December 31, 2005

My agenda for next year will be bigger and bolder than ever.

hi... well you no that it is new years and so it is time for me to think about all my acomplish ments of the last year... and they are real good acomplish ments. we are bringin freedom all arond the world... and cut a bunch of taxes and america is a strong and free and good then ever be fore.

and well my aids have bin tellin me that... my ajenda for next year has gotta be more humble... be cause i am all ready the best president ever and if i get any more better then all of the other presidents are gonna get to jelis...

well that is not now dear leader operates... i am gonna have a real more ambishish ajenda next year and i dont care how jelis they get...

be cause you see i like to place big bets... ther is no use bettin small... but i am real smart see i bet real big with other peples money and stuff so if it paies off i look like a genyis and if it dont well then shit i just walk away... that is wat i lerned when i was in the oil bisnis and that is how i operate. and it is a real good way of operatin.

so all of you who believ in Me... you are gonna see me make more big bets next year and we wil see if they pay off. iraq is goin so good i mite liberate some more contries... and i will do somthin about congres too they are gettin real uppity and i mite use my speshil war powers on them... and lots more big bold ajendas too. so it is gonna be another real good year like this one...

thank you for supportin Me and god bless... bye for now and see you next year.


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Dear Dear Leader, I know you are busy with your Iraq-Related Legacy Building Program Activities, so I won't take up much of your precious time, which I believe you should devote exclusively to your legacy building activities from now on becasue these legacies just don't build themselves you know. But I would like to say your sympathy for all those other presidents who can't even hold a candle up to you, is extremely big of you, sir. Big, big of you. You are big man.

4:22 PM  
Blogger shrimplate said...

Why are you always carrying your dogs? Can't they just walk once in a while? Ever hear of things called leashes?

Speaking of leashes, that bitch next to you could use one, too.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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