Wednesday, December 07, 2005

We do not torture.

hi... you know i have been hearin a lot lately about torshure. and i sure am sick of it. people want to talk about us torshrein terrerists and stuff in stead of all the progress we are makin in iraq... and it is real good progress.

now it is this u n lady... what a bunch of bull shit this is what i am talkin about... she is quwestinin my commands as leader... so i am real glad john boltin is in the u n for us he told her to shut up and quit askin questions... and he told her real good i am glad i picked him.

and this u n lady... she is the commishiner for human rites.... well i am the biggest human rites guy in the hole world... i liberated hunerts and thousans of iraqees from saddams evil rule... he had torcher rooms now look at it. and you can see it is real better.

anyway bye for now and suppoert yer dear leader.


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

You is the one bein' tortured, Dear Leader. They is torturin' you with their lack of love for you. As we know you cannot live without the love of all those peoples you have helped. All the ones still alive, and all the ones you helped up to heaven.

11:42 PM  

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