Friday, January 27, 2006

We have determined our electoral strategy for 2006.

hi... you no it is almos eleshin time agin... we shur do have a lot of dam eleshins in this county... and i have bin workin with karl rove and a bunsh of othre real smart aids to find out owr eleshin stratigy... and it is a real good stratigy.

and it is... we are gonna thretin america witht terrorst attack if they dont vote for the republicins and give us more power... we are gonna promese more 9 11 atacks if peopl vote for the dem o ocrats...

and it is gonna work real good... be cause wat is the use of havin helth care and libertys and stuff if you are dead from the terrerism...

and the terrerism is a real good ishue for us... karl esplained it to me... if they dont atack then it proves we are doin a real good job keepin america save... and if they do attack we blame it on the dem o crats and libruls and stuff and take more power.. to keep amerika safe.. ha ha ha we cant lose.

bye for now and be real afraid of the terirism.


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