Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I had a very nice visit to India.

hi... you no i have bin having one of my trips out of the contry... and they took me to indiana and places like that. and one thing i have lerned about indiana is... it is full of little brown people and damn it sure stinks over there.

now you no how i like to liberate contriese... so wen i got there i said am i here to liberate the indians and they said india is al ready a democrasy and i said shit that was fast...

and i had to meet there new demo cratic leader... and he had a towl on his head so i said hey tonto are you one of them muslims... and he sed no so i sead you can have all the nucular weapins you want then... and he was real happey.

any way i will post more thots now that i am bak to america were it doesnt stink so dam much... bye for now from your dear leader


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