Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I believe the national anthem should only be sung in English.

hi... you no i hered somethin the other day that made me real mad... some people are turnin the nashinal anthem into spanish. and i disagree with that. english is the languige of our contry and... i think it shold only be sung in inglish... if the immigrints want to sing the nashinal anthim then god dam it they shuld lern them some inglish... my base unnerstands that real good.

now some peopl are sain that we had this spanish singer at my inogerashin that was singin it in spanish... well... i rememmer that day real good... and wen he started singing it i got real mad and i knoked him over and i said hey you greasy immigrint you better lern some inglish real fast...

my dauter jenna tole me a joke... what is the same with immigrints and cue balls... the harder you hit em the more inglish you get out of em... ha ha that is a real funny joke... and if we have to hit the imigrints to get em stop singin the nashinal song then dammit we will. and that is my domestic polisy.

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