Sunday, April 30, 2006

We have a plan to regain public support for my administration.

hi... if you are readin my thots every day then you no i am the great victery commander who is givin freedom to all the opresed people of the hole world be cause of a plan that the little god in my hart told me.

well... did you no there are some peopl who dont think i am doin a real good job... they think i am screwin up everythin and i am about the worst presidint ever... and some of em even think i am nuts.

well we have bin havin a lot of meetins here in the wite house about what is wrong with those people. and we have figgered out that we are just not comunicatin good enuf and we have to comunicate our selfs better... and we come up with a plan to fix it and it is a real good plan.

and it is two things... one is we are gonna forge real close relashin ships with the reporters who tell the truth about stuff and glorify Me. and the other reporters are gonna get arested for bein spys for the enimy. and after we arest them we will give it a couple months and if the comunicashins dont get better then we will arest more. and then every one will no who is the victery commander around here...

bye for now


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